Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jual Mesin Cetak Murah Baru & Second

Kami Cv. Toobagus General Trading bergerak di bidang Importir mesin - mesin berat alat percetakan. Kami menyediakan dan menjual Berbagai mesin Cetak Berkualitas

Mesin-mesin percetakan ber merk Germany, Jepang dan China dan lain-lain diantaranya :

  3. RYOBI
  7. FUJI
  10. AGFA
  11. CRONOS
  13. EPSON
  14. DLL.

selain itu kami juga menjual alat - alat pendukungnya yakni semacam

  1. Mesin Potong Kertas
  2. Mesin Blok Lem
  3. Mesin CTP
  4. Mesin Plate Maker
  5. Mesin Film 
  6. Mesin Pond
  7. dll.

Untuk lebih Jelasnya silahkan anda kunjungi
atau bisa menghubungi kami di 085224062821.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Mesin Cetak SM 52 V tahun 2004

Year 2004
Size 36 x 52
Perfector 2/2 & 4/0
Alcolor Dampening Autoplate CP2000 Color Console Preset Blanket roller and impression cylinder wash Electronic sidelay control Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculator Powder spray Bacher pin registered on clamps Double sheet detector Vacuum feed board 15000 sph Low pile delivery 107 Million Impressions

Monday, 25 June 2012

Mesin Cetak Solna 225 thn 83 uk 65x48

Spesifikasi mesin cetak offset Solna 225 yaitu :

Jenis mesin                 :  2 warna
Area kertas maksimal  : 65 cm x 50 cm Dimensi mesin             :
  • panjang : 290 cm
  • lebar     : 125 cm
  • tinggi     : 185 cm
Kekuatan listrik            : 5500 watt / 3 fhase

Mesin cetak ini sangat cocok untuk cetak-cetak fullcolour dengan oplah besar.

Mesin Cetak SORSZ tahun 90 Uk102x72 German

SIZE : 102 X 72 CM
TAHUN 1983

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mesin Cetak SM 52 4 warna tahun 2007

HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 52-4   
Price : Euro 80,000.00
Type : Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52-4
Format in cm : 37 x 52
37 x 52 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52-4Prinect CP2000 Center/console
Grafix Alphatronic 2000
Program-controlled blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device
Inking unit wash-up device,Inking unit temperature control
AlcoSmart,Automix Fully automatic perfecting device
Auto-plate with register system.  32 million impressions
Automatic ink roller
Straight Press

Mesin Cetak Shinohara 52 tahun 95

Standard Features and Accessories:
  • Mechanical and electronic double-sheet detectors
  • Skewed sheet and overrun sheet detectors
  • Remote ink fountain roller sweep adjustment
  • Remote dampening roller speed control
  • Plate cylinder lateral/radial remote control
  • Operator-side impression adjustment dial
  • Sheet decurler
  • Faulty delivered sheet detector
  • POD touchscreen
  • Dampening solution refrigeration and circulation device
Optional Features and Accessories:
  • Side guide detector
  • Anti static blower on feeder head
  • Integrated brush/wheel adjustment
  • Automatic ink roller cleaning sysem
  • Shinohara semi-automatic plate changer (SPC)
  • Plate cylinder cocking system (manual or remote control)
  • Quick plate clamp device
  • Fountain solution mixing device
  • Automatic blanket wash-up system
  • Semi-automatic perfecting changeover system
  • Aqueous inline coater
  • Operation console
  • Swing-away unit (imprinting and numbering)
  • Shinohara CIP-3 station

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mesin cetak Ryobi 520

RYOBI 520 HX - high-speed automated machine for printing full-color output in one pass. Optimal for producing high quality brochures, labels and packaging.

Posting a sheet with a minimum of interceptions. Dampening system with the Ryobi-matic automatic stabilization system AAS moisture. The unit of circulation and cooling fountain solution while maintaining the concentration of alcohol. The control system PCS c remote control provides remote control of longitudinal and transverse privodkoy management, general and zonal supply of paint with the ability to accept data from the scanner forms and program data Ink Volume Setter. Full control sheet travel, self-diagnostics. Vysokostapelnoe output device (nizkostapelnoe - only the type of model 524NH 4A). Spare equipment: automatic remover blankets, non-stop unloading device, the separator runs, scanner, etc. forms DEMIA Models with high stocks can be equipped with a drying kit for UV inks.

Five-, six-color coating has a section (aqueous or UV varnish) with your recycling and maintaining the temperature of varnish, may have the IR and UV drying. Coater allows for selective spraying. IR drying unit consists of a module drying units blowing hot and cold air.
Technical characteristics
Number of printing units A
The scheme of print 1 +0
Sheet format, max. / Min. Mm 520x375 / 100x150
Paper thickness in mm 0.04-0.5
Print Area in mm 505x350
Print speed, Ott / h 3000-13000
Feeder cascade
Inking unit (of roller / rolling) 17/4
Dampening system (of roller / rolling) RIOBY-matic, 5/2
Feeder height, mm 550
The height of the receiver pile, mm 400
Power, kW 4
Dimensions in mm 1912x1180x1617
Weight, kg 2000